Longrider Ranch


At Longrider Ranch we are proud of our ethically raised beef. Our cattle are Black Angus cross. As our cows pay the ultimate price as food for us; we believe they must be treated royally.

Each of our cows has access to indoor stalls insuring that they have a dry and comfortable area that offers protection from the rain or cold. In addition to bedding, each stall contains rubber mats for additional comfort and insulation. An elevated covered paddock area outside each stall insures that they have a dry area to stand whatever the weather is.

Our herd is small, so we get to know each cow very well, often giving many of them names. They are well fed – grazing in the pasture, as well as fed a diet of hay and rolled barley 3 times per day. An automatic waterer in each stall gives them constant access to fresh water.

Afterwards, the meat is hung (aged) for 28 days. The net result is a tender cut of meat with a mild beefy flavor.

Our Longrider Ranch is located on Fairfield Island, in beautiful Chilliwack, BC.

We will be selling our beef at:


Agassiz Farm Fresh Market
Thursdays from June 28th to September 6th  04:00pm to 07:00pm

Yarrow Farm Market
Fridays from May 13th to Sept 16th  05:00pm to Dusk

Haney Farmers Market
Saturdays from June 9th to October 6th  09:00am to 02:00pm

Please check back for updates.